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Seriously, save Dollhouse, it’s an amazing show.


Quick Update

I know I said I’d be doing a study on the analogy of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife…but I got side tracked. First with a study on the Seven Beatitudes of Revelation, which I’ll post when I’m done with it, and then I had this on my mind. I also have one I want to do on Christian standards. Wow. I got so much on my mind. Not to mention getting back to writing for The Christian Pulse (I’ll link my articles to this blog when they post, the next one is on VOTA), and trying to get everything in my life sorted out.

And, for a shameless plug here…Check out Lennox Fleary, a good musician, and a fellow brother in Christ.

Lennox Fleary’s Main Site
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The Medium Is The Message

Read this article on MySpace addiction. Makes one think.

This Momma Wore Army Boots

This Momma Wore Army Boots

Go check this blog out: it’s awesome. lol. I know I posted this before, but I have to do so every-once-in-a-while. Now I’m gonna get off the net and go haul wood for a neighbor. ttfn.


I’ve been a little negligent in my posting as of late. So I’ve decided to start writing blog posts at home when I have time, and post them when I get somewhere with internet. So I may post two, three, even four blogs at a time. Not sure how many I’ll do today…But here goes the first one…

Back during my time in the Navy, in Submarine School, I was at Night Study. A friend of mine who was on Restriction (for supplying a minor with alcohol) gave me this little tidbit on a few pieces of notepaper. Now, he didn’t write them, but someone he knew (I’ll give his name only because I am posting his material: Calhoun was his last name) in Restriction had written. I have to say, it’s a nice little summary of the conflict between God and Satan. And, when my friend (Timothy) gave me this, it opened up a good little discussion between us. He’s already “saved,” but not much more. It was nice to be able to share Christ with someone. So…here’s what was written down. Let me know what y’all think:


God made all…Satan envied God’s position…Satan was cutoff…God made Earth and Man…Satan tricked man, Man falls…(god gave man choice)…Man multiplies…God sets up man’s Gov’t…Individually Man seeks creator because he is hardwired to…As a collective society, man follows the flesh…Satan wants a kingdom either by direct followers, Disciples, or by Default…(By Default) If man does not follow God, he is with satan, therefore, by default, satan has a kingdom.


(choice) Man has a time limit to make his choice (Birth to Death) If choice is not made by death, choice is made for man – -(satan)- and obviously: if man chooses satan … He gets him.
Satan (creator of lies) realizes man is hardwired to find the one true creator, but as a society and individually follows the flesh so he takes and Edits.


(Edits) The truth in to many versions turning/Re-directing man’s choice from following God in order to use man’s gift of choice to build satan’s ingdom.
God made all in order to give himself Glory. But why would God give satan the chance to build a kingdom against God?
-Because – God made all, -therefore,- God can destroy all. The Bible predicts a war between the two kingdoms and God knows he can destroy all.


(Destroy all) so God allows satan to have 1/3 of the Angels and as many men as he can get his hands on in order to prove to man Satan and the Angels that glory is his by defeating the other kingdom.
But, God does not give away man (his most favored of creatures) lightly. In order to convince man to pick his creators side, he let his only begotten son take man’s sin upon himself in order that man can be allowed in Heaven.


(Allowed) With the price of admission already paid, God allows man to choose the kingdom to follow.
God created man, therefore, we are rightfully his, but God gave man the right to choose (An obviously selfless act.) satan, however, wants to take the kingdom from God (An obviously selfish act.) In conclusion, satan does not care about Man, but only about a kingdom can rule.



I apologize for the inaccuracy of the spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. But I wrote it out exactly as it was done. The only alterations are the elipses (…) in the first paragraph were originally a single dot (which I can’t do I don’t think), and there were circles around the page numbers…but neither can I do that.

Check out this blog…

This here is a hilarious blog that I found. Now, just because she’s my girlfriend’s mother doesn’t mean anything. It seriously is hilarious. Go check it out. Now.


I do not necessarily agree with everything on these websites, or with everything they do. However, with their core mission and beliefs, and what they strive for, I do. Take everything with a grain of salt and a dose of prayer. Let the Spirit guide you, not me.