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Holy Crap! Not only did I get up when I was to be clocking in…but then the microwave wouldn’t work right for me. If the turntable don’t spin, the heat don’t go. A minute and a half to heat up icing? I DON’T THINK SO! And then the recalcitrant cinnamon roll dough. THEY WOULDN’T RISE! I got so mad at them, I chucked the little devils into the trash. I didn’t even want to eat them myself. I ain’t gonna give them that pleasure…And speaking of devils, the only thing missing from this morning on life’s vendetta against me is the little forktailed demon himself standing behind me laughing. And don’t get me started on the goram bread! YOU WERE THAWED! WHY’D YOU TAKE 4 HOURS TO RISE! Holy Crap! Or, as Lindsay told me that crap isn’t holy…UNHOLY CRAP! And then icing wouldn’t pour…and then I spilled coffee…and then stuff fell on the floor…and then I went over my time…and then my morning just sucked. Ugh! I meant to make this a very well articulated and nicely don’t blog post, and not just a rambling rant…but all them plans got chucked out the window when I started. VENT CITY. Why’s the Corliss-Curse have to hit me now? Why not when I can take it. WHY NOT WHEN I’M AWAKE! When I’m not trying to earn extra money for a very important item I need to purchase. Sigh…Lord, please don’t let the rest of the day be so bad. Please?

God Bless,

P.S. Comment please and make my day better. :(