Open Letter To Everyone

So I found out I can post to my blog from my phone. Tho I can’t do anything other than write text. I can’t wait until I get my computer back up and running again. I want to post regularly. In the meantime I have a roleplaying game campaign and a novella I plan on working on writing. And once my computer is fixed, I am going to purchase a domain name and build myself a website, from scratch because I want to learn how. It will be my new blogsite and for everything else I feel like posting. That way I won’t spend all of my time on facebook. :) I’m kinda rambling, lol. To all of my friends back in Oregon, I miss and love you all. I can’t wait to see you all again and eventually move back. I’ll be visiting some time during th holidays I am sure. All-in-all, I just feel lonely out here. But I’ll see y’all again eventually.

Until next time.


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