My Life as of Late

I am going to start this blog anew, and I am going to keep at it with some semblance of regularity. Maybe not daily, but at least weekly.

The main things on my mind lately, in (mostly) descending order…

1. God
2. Jessica
3. My Life
4. Survival-ism
5. My Career
6. My Family

That’s pretty much what I’ll be blogging on. It’s 11:04pm right now and I have work at 5:30amish…But I couldn’t sleep until I at least hammered out this post.

As far as deep thoughts go…I’m going to be working on a Bible study focusing on the story about Joseph and Potiphar’s wife. (Genesis 39) I read a devotional the other day in Oswald Chambers My Utmost for His Highest and he mentioned the story. I can’t remember how, but it made me think about the correlation of (1) Potiphar can represent God/human judge, (2) Joseph the Believer, (3) Joseph’s responsibilities the blessings God gives us or just human given responsibilities, (4) Potiphar’s wife temptation, and (5) the punishment…See, that’s where I fizzle out. I was starting with that being the punishment for sinning, but Joseph didn’t sin here. So it could be that Potiphar represents a human “judge” who can punish us, and then when Joseph comes through in the end as Pharaoh’s right hand man, that can represent how the righteous will in the end win. Or, maybe it can somehow represent both. I dunno. I’m too tired for this and I’m haven’t done an in depth study yet. However, any links, thoughts, or comments would be nice in helping me figure this one out.

And on that note…I’m hitting the hay…

God Bless,


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