A Different Breed

I’ve been thinking lately about what I haven’t been doing. About how I’ve been living in a fog of doubt and indecsion and of inaction. And even more recent, I’ve been almost obsessed with Petra. I copied some of my Dad’s CDs, and have been listening to them almost non-stop while I’m working. This here is one song that I’ve listened to more than most…


Title: Believer In Deed
Band: Petra
Album: Midnight Oil
Year: 1993

On this journey we begin at birth
This fleeting moment that we spend on earth
No second chance to live it all again
It must be now or never
To cherish each endeavor
What will they say that I have left behind
A faithful heritage for all to find
What will the see?
I want my legacy to be

He was a believer in deed
He had a heart of a different breed
He made his mark and he lived by his creed
A true believer
A believer in deed

Am I living everything I say?
Am I pointing others to the way?
Will I leave this world a better place?
Will Jesus say he knew me
Is Jesus living through me?
Did I maintain my authenticity?
A man of honor and integrity?
Remembering me
I hope that they will truly see

At the end of my days I know I’m gonna say
I wouldn’t live my life any other way
I’ll look to my posterity to carry on for me
And pray that they will see


My first thought is this: this is what I want.
Second? Why am I not doing it?
Third? A question that occured to me recently…”Why do I do the things I don’t want to do, and don’t do the things I do want to do? (Romans 7:15, NIV) Why don’t I follow through on the ideals and beliefs I hold?…Maybe it’s because I’m holding onto the ideals and beliefs, and not Jesus… (I Corinthians 15:3-4, NIV)”
I really don’t have many answers, other than this song describes what I should be doing. I have ideas on how to do that, but advice would be nice…as this blog of mine is sometimes for me to be helped than for me to help. =/

God Bless,

P.S. My Blog Post Judas’ Kiss can provide some furhter thoughts on the subject. And while I’m on the subject of Petra, “Praying Man” would be a song of theirs to look up…as prayer seems to be ever more important to my life.


3 responses to “A Different Breed

  • soulofarunner

    I am an absolute beginner, a new comer to these shores. Blogs? That was to me a word lost in fog, to use part of your thoughtful expression “fog of doubt”. I have probably wondered a few weeks ago what a blog really is, yet here I am. I just started. My second reply. It is in a way related to your subject. I might have liked to have something to do with a blog but because I have not find any resources, in terms of time, knowledge, ability and self belief, I procrastinated trying something that, I find it now, is quite attractive. I am happy that I started. I do not know where it will lead me but hey, it is a journey. I take it as it is. I am more on sport so hard to attract a crowd yet I have some ideas of my own. That is the next step. And about the lyrics, I find them wonderful. There was a band called Midnight Oil, in the late 80es. Petra sounds like the famous Jordanian place, isn t it? Hope I have not been a bore. I am feeling like a new kid on the block with plenty of toys and ropes around.

  • Butterfly's_soliloquy

    This is such a valid concern, and ’tis a travesty that more of us in the body of Christ aren’t concerned about this.
    I can relate, ‘cus recently I found my way into a rather awful depression, due to my seeming inability to follow God on the level that I wished. I’m not strong enough to triumph over my flesh…but God is.
    A friend showed me this reference, and since then it’s one of my life verses; “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” [1Co 12:9] When we are weak, when we can’t “do the things I want to do”, we need to remember we don’t ask God FOR strength, we ask Him to BE our strength. (1Co 12:10 is good, too)^_^
    It is truly amazing how starting out one’s day with prayer and time spent in God’s word can improve the entire day, and lift your soul. When you spend time with Him, it reminds you what you’re living for.

  • Stephanie Colucci

    Okay well, Petra was my concert I ever attend I was 12. If you want that kind of life stay in constant contact with God, never stop praying. Let your first prayer of the day be God what do you want me to do today? Stay in the word, the more time you spend in the word the harder time you will have being in the world. Menorizing job 23:10-12 really helped me.

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