“This Pursuit Of Love”

This Pursuit Of Love
by Pilgrim

I love You LORD and
I need Your strength, Your help.
But I long for something more:
Someone to have and to hold.

There is one I want,
So what is wrong with loving them,
In pursuing this dream of bliss?
Of everything I’ve wanted.

Why would this be taken,
Denied my right to be happy and full.
Complete in another and each other.
Fully devoted to our sum.

But could it be you instead,
Whom I’m to partner with forever?
Being fully content in You alone,
And needless of more.

Then where does love fit in,
With another of my kind: believable?
Seen with eyes and with heart, and felt.
Whose words I hear.

So what of my dream,
In Your plans of life for me?
How can I tell what’s wrong from right,
In this pursuit of love?


Do I love the idea of marriage and having a family more than I do God? Or am I willing to sacrifice it if necessary?


4 responses to ““This Pursuit Of Love”

  • Stephanie Colucci

    You will have both, when you seek God first evetything else falls into place, sooner or later;)

  • Lightgirl07

    I believe that God will not give you the desire to be married if that is not part of His plan for your life…

    Once you find peace with yourself and your relationship with God, He will bring all things together in His way and time…

    Times and seasons are for a reason…to help us grow and keep us from falling on each other instead of depending on Him…

    Be Blessed and Prosper Brother!!! :-)

  • Chris Soto

    In my own life, I found that I valued my marriage far more than I could imagine, when I started valuing my relationship with God first. I really wish I had learned that lesson years earlier.

    Keep the faith,

  • Becky

    Deep, it’s too early for me to figure out your question lol. I’ll try, I think you want a family, but are afraid of falling away from God. Like if you find someone, and you’ll love them more then God.

    Hows that for an early morning answer? I hope I did alright.

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