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An Addendum To The Previous Post

I had the subject on my mind while I was reading Watchman Nee’s The Normal Christian Life and I read this passage:

“…Paul says: ‘We which live are always delivered unto death for Jesus’ sake, that the life also of Jesus maybe manifested in our mortal flesh’ (2 Cor. 4:11).

“What does this mean? It simply means that I will not take any action without relying on God. I will find no sufficiency in myself. I will not take any step just because I have the power to do so. Even though I have that inherited power within me, I will not go ahead solely upon it as basis; I will put no reliance on myself. By taking the fruit, Adam became possessed of an inherent power to act, but a power which, but its independence of God, played right into Satan’s hands. You lose that power to act when you come to know the Lord. The Lord cuts it off and you find you can no longer act on your own initiative. You have to live by the life of another; you have to draw everything from him.” (emphasis added)

And then I read this blog post on pateince and James 1:2-8 by Chris…Maybe these are the guidposts to how I should handle this situation (which some of you who know me may know the specifics of). Suffice it to say, I like someone, but am not sure as to what to do, and the poem in my last post sums up the inner struggle I have with the whole situation of my most precious dream: a family of my own.

God Bless,


“This Pursuit Of Love”

This Pursuit Of Love
by Pilgrim

I love You LORD and
I need Your strength, Your help.
But I long for something more:
Someone to have and to hold.

There is one I want,
So what is wrong with loving them,
In pursuing this dream of bliss?
Of everything I’ve wanted.

Why would this be taken,
Denied my right to be happy and full.
Complete in another and each other.
Fully devoted to our sum.

But could it be you instead,
Whom I’m to partner with forever?
Being fully content in You alone,
And needless of more.

Then where does love fit in,
With another of my kind: believable?
Seen with eyes and with heart, and felt.
Whose words I hear.

So what of my dream,
In Your plans of life for me?
How can I tell what’s wrong from right,
In this pursuit of love?


Do I love the idea of marriage and having a family more than I do God? Or am I willing to sacrifice it if necessary?