Why Me?

It’s interesting how things work. I was talking to my g/f earlier and she told me she was waiting for me to call. Between that and getting to talk to her for over 20 minutes, I was happy. but also, she’s been gone for like 4 weeks. She HOPES to be back in 2, but no promises. And, since this is the sorta job her career is going to be, she’ll be out of touch and reach a lot of the time. Not a happy thought for a man who is contemplating things like I am…But also not a deterent. Cause I know that, with God in the mix, two people can work things like that out…but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a conflict at times. Sigh…I wish I weren’t so analytical and able to see things like this in advance. It an be depressing. But probably also good thing…Means I won’t be caught so off guard when it happens.

Lord, help me be the man she needs.


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