Response to Cathe

I know that I started off the last blog by reffering to something this lady said…but she gets me a thinking…which gets me a writing. Here’s her comment on my last blog…the items in [brackets] are my interjections…watch out: they are everywhere!…


Just keep looking for “tent making jobs” [I agree…tho didn’t even Paul stop working to go and preach! (Not saying this is what I am to do…just playing a very bad devil’s advocate)] and let God do the rest. Don’t be so concerned that He show you, “RIGHT NOW!RIGHT THIS MINUTE!, What he wants from and for you. [I agree…in theory…my actions don’t quite seem to line up with this lesson I am learning] Gee that might be hard because you are sooooo old and you might die or have a stroke or something befor you find out.;) [Always the joker] In my experiance God changes what he has for you to do according to how you have grown. Or maybe he always had one plan but we keep getting sidetracked. [I have “life-purpose ADD” just so you know] Work on supporting your self and if you end up having a family then that will be your primary ministry. [First of all, I most definitely do plan on having a family…that’s one thing I am quite sure God has in store…and I also agree that they would be my primary ministry…but it’s not my “main” ministry…if that makes any sense…there’s something more to my mission in life] I’m afraid the days are gone when the church supports ministers. [The Bible says to support the ministers…so the days for that aren’t gone, as the Bible never goes out of style: we are just in disobedience to God] You need to work and relax! God will answer you in His time.


Right now God is putting me through tests I’ve never gone through before. Trials involving money, family, friends, love, work, ministry, etc. I know that it will all end up being used for His purpose and all…But being an OCD perfectionist, I don’t like to wait. Tis all. But wait I must.


God Bless,


One response to “Response to Cathe

  • mommasarmyboots

    I remember that! Now when I get impatient I can hear the Holy Spirit whisper in my ear, “Gooos Frah Bah” Hhahaha! God takes us where we are coming from. He meets us more than half way but makes us think we are working so hard to get there ourselves. And we are. Just like when a baby learns to walk. If some one could just measure the expenditure of energy that little guy is burnning just to keep from falling on that little pampers padded behind! You are doing fine!

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