Lately has been quite a ride for me. Essentially, I’m learning what it is like to be an adult and be out on my own. After all, my first experience “on my own” was in the Navy. And that lasted 7 months and 15 days. And when I came back, I lived at home. Ya, I had a girlfriend, a truck, and a job, but I still lived at home! And now I’ve got my own place, bills and rent are piling up on me, and I got a powerful need to eat sometime this week! Speaking of food, my stress habit of eating junk food is creeping back up on me (bad self-confidence, bad!). I’ve enrolled myself in Western Culinary Institute up in Portland to start on May 21st. If I can get the cash that is: $42,260. Oh, wait, it’s now only $42,210 (I paid the $50 application fee, yay me!). Sigh…And I’m deeply in love with my girl, contemplating things (on my own that is) that I would have thought would be further ahead in life. And my boss now can’t give me full time work, and I’m slightly (read that over $1,000) in debt. Even if the Navy paid me the $1,000 in back pay they owe me, it would not be quite enough (though certainly a big boost!!!). So I have the dilemma: do I sacrifice my dignity and health conscience by working at McNasty’s for the next three months, before I move to Portland (hopefully working a better job), or do I scrape my way by, and enter school in debt, and possibly going further in? Ah…adulthood: trial by fire, eh? Ya, all you older folks are probably sitting there with a smile on your face, maybe even chuckling, remembering your own struggles. Well, just remember one thing: it wasn’t funny when you went through it, so it ain’t funny when I do it. Now, I don’t mean to complain, that’s for sure…Just rant, lol. (And I haven’t even gone in to the fact that I’m starting a Youth Group at church this Sunday, and am going through a few Spiritual struggles/battles/maturing of my own. Nor the effects my parents’ split are having on me, nor any of the other crap going on with my friends that is affecting me.) Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun, all this growing up in life, love, and God…but it can be awful stressful. So you’ll excuse me if I scream a moment: AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Thank you, and good night.

God Bless,


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