I am not a crook!

I had an interesting experience yesterday/today. Apparently, when you buy furniture at Goodwill, the slip the attendant gives you in the furniture department needs to be taken up to the front counter and be paid for. Yet, I forgetfully (I blame my mother for my air occasional headedness) walked out without paying. And the outside attendant didn’t check to make sure I had a receipt before giving me the chairs. Sigh…So today, I got off of work a bit early to go take care of that. Chatted wit my Mom (who was visiting my neighbors) and took off. I cashed my check and all dat then went to Goodwill. Like a good little boy, I turned off my truck’s lights and locked the door. Then I went in and paid for the chairs, bought a book that looked good, and went to leave. Um…I left my keys in the truck. Shoot. And my Mom couldn’t find my extra set of keys. Shoot. And Melody (who was on her way home from school) didn’t have a wire coat hanger in her van. Shoot. ARGH! Sigh…luckily, the gym nearbye had a hanger. But it wouldn’t work. However, Melody stopped by to say hi and give me a hug (stress reliever big time there) and a piece of eraser for my hanger, lol. That got it half undone, and the stiff wire of the other side took care of the rest. So I was able to get it taken care of. Then I had to go to the coffeeshop to get a 24oz. Quake Shake (ice cream, esspresso, and oreo crumbs) to cool off. Thankfully, I’ll get to spend all day tomorrow wit me girl, which is all I really want at this point. Blogging to you all about the meaninglessness of my day is only a filler :p

God Bless,


One response to “I am not a crook!

  • mommasarmyboots

    So for being honest, you spent even more money, got locked out of your car and had to drowned your sorrows in icecream and coffee? Plus you got a hug from your girl. Sounds like one of them days where you get “life experience”. lol
    Now you can write a pamphlet called, “other uses for erasers”. I get to illustrate it though!

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