This one is based off of a sermon the previous pastor at my church did. It’s almost like the story of an individual’s salvation (which is also connected to my previous post of revival). The passage he was reading from was Mark 10:46-52, the story of Bartimaeus.

In this passage, Bartimaeus (son of Timaous) is sitting by the road begging. So he was obviously poor (strike one against him). Plus, he was with a disability: blindness (strike two against him). Yet, in this story, we can see that Christ listens to even the most outcast of outcasts.
Bartimaeus was begging y the road when he heard a commotion. This of course was unusual, so he asked what it was. He was told that Jesus of Nazareth was there. So he cried out, “Son of David, have mercy on my!” He was rebuked by those there. But he cried all the louder: “Son of David, have mercy one me!”
Now, a lot of things had fit together before this was possible. See, this was our Lord’s last trip though Jericho, for soon after He was crucified. Plus, not only was Jesus in town, but Bartimaeus just so happened to be begging where He passed by. And when Jesus heard Bartimaeus’ call, He “stood still” (KJV). And with two simple words: “Call him,” Jesus projected so much authority that those who had rebuked Bartimaeus now came to him and said “Cheer up! On your feet! He’s calling you.”
Bartimaeus threw his cloak side and ran to Jesus, who asked him what he wanted. The reply was, “Rabbi, I want to se.” And immediately, Jesus restored his sight, and Bartimaeus “followed Him in the way.” (KJV)

When you confess your sinful life, and receive salvation, it’s much like Bartimaeus:

Spiritually poor, born of the flesh, and begging for purpose, you are blind to your sin. You just don’t realize it. Then, one day, something happens: whether it be the circumstances are just right, or the right people are there, or whatever, the Spirit begins to move When you begin to ask and seek, you find that it is Jesus: the One Who loved you enough to die for your sins. Desiring His presence in your life, you cry out to Him. When Satan, or your “friends” or other influences try to rebuke you, the Spirit calls you all the more. And you cry out even louder, desperate for Christ.
Then Jesus stops at your voice: He stands still. He beckons you to come closer. Then the distractions and detractors seem as nothing. At once, you throw off your cloak of pride that has kept you from heeding the Call before, the rags of guilt and shame, and run to your Savior. Not unlike the Prodigal Son did when he came back home.
Jesus looks you in the face with His loving eyes: “What do you want?” is His question. “Lord, I want to see. To be free from sin’s oppression, from its murderous grasp. I want to be like you.”
Then, you will hear the most wondrous words: “Your faith has healed you.” Immediately, sin’s shackles will be broken and fall from you heart, freeing you from its grasp. You will be free and spotless in God’s eyes, and His Son will put His arms around you. Nothing compares to the feeling of His love.
Now what you say? You follow Him in the Way. There is nothing less you can do for the one who healed you and saved you.


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